Not everybody knows, that Dermacol products are still manufactured in the Czech Republic. A unique production in Lesná specializes in creams, lotions, make-ups, peelings and shower gels. All these are exported to up to seventy countries in the world.


A new six-ton automatic cauldron
 “We have invested into the purchase of a new cauldron. It is a set of  cylinders, which perfectly blend colour pigments into the make-ups. And we are planning further modernization,“ explains Věra Komárová, a director of the brand strategy as she shows a local rarity – an old machine Gasti. It was used to fill the tubes with legendary Dermacol Make-up Cover, which made Czechoslovakian cosmetics famous in Hollywood. But today this machine is only a decoration. Currently, Dermacol produces 3 million pieces of legendary high-covering make-up. The fame of the brand is also spread through cooperation with word-famous youtubers. The Brno production plant has its own laboratory and has one of the widest ranges of cosmetic products in the Czech Republic.

Original recipes
The production plant in Lesná has its own research and development center. It moved from Prague to Brno in 2005. The team of Petra Dočekalová developed the first make-up base or a lipstick lasting upto 16 hours. It is available in 26 colours and is sold all over the world. “We produce our creams according to our own recipes. We blend in seaweed imported from Brittany, which are used by brands such as Channel or Dior. Seaweed from Brittany is extremely effective. A lot of our hydratation creams have also a high content of hyarulonic acid, specifically 2%, which is a maximum recommended amount. Thank to our own laboratory, we can be an affordable brand for many women,“ adds Věra Komárová.

Lenka Bicanová, editorka FFN