This would have been an impossible dream just couple decades ago. The former moonscape of coal mines, located in the triangle between Prague, Dresden and Berlin, has become an attractive holiday destination. Now there are about twenty lakes in Lusatian countryside, the biggest water area made by man in Europe. It is only a three-hour drive from the Czech capital. Such proximity makes it an ideal destination for prolonged weekends.


The unique countryside of Lusatian lakes can be explored easily thanks to a network of cycling paths. There are seven long distance cycling paths and ten round trips along the lakes. As you go, you can refresh yourself in crystal clear waters or make a romantic trip by boat.

The cyclists and skaters will enjoy asphalt paths along the lakes. They offer a great view mostly without an elevation. Longer paths lead along the Senftenberger See (18 kilometers), Geierswalder See (16 kilometers) and Bärwalder See (20 kilometers).

The Lusatian arterial path  is 191 kilometers long. You can watch all stages of mine flooding on your way. This path cuts through the whole region from north to south and back. If a bike is not your favourite type of transport, you can explore the area on a raft.

There are traditional maps and as well as interactive maps and GPS-tracking available. You can lend an electrobike at every starting point as well as along the way. Accomodation facilities offer secured bike depository, drying rooms and packed lunches.

Lenka Bicanová, editorka  FFN