Patented technology
The modern application Superoperator was created in Finland. It spreaded to Australia as well as the USA. In places where cars are a neccessity, the application catches on fast. The Czech Republic is, after Finland,  the first European country where it is launched. The company has been in our market since 2017. Back then they started developing the application Micí digi linka for Unipetrol/Benzina.


Digitalised network of car washes
Now the company is enlarging its network. „Our applications are designed for all users of car washes. You will not only save time, but also money, because the providers often offer better price for the app users. The installation of this application is for free. You really pay only for the service of the car wash. In addition, you will have information about all the car washes in your area including their prices“, explains Helena Lindová, the manager of SO for the Czech Republic.

How does it all work?
Using SO is very easy. People only download a free app Superoperator CZ from App Store or Google Play and create their  profile. The users then choose the nearest car wash. The online camera will tell them if it is busy or whether it is closed or not. A navigation will lead them directly to the chosen car wash. After the arrival the user will choose the desired service via the app. The price will be deducted online (through Braintree or PayPal). A nonstop assistance service  is a great advantage of this app. This service will solve any problem. It can also switch on the washing. Disabled people or parents with children will be glad not to have to run the the cash desk, stand in a queue or wait for a car wash operator.

Lenka Bicanová, editorka FFN