The history of ORION started to write more than 120 years ago. Every Czech knows it and many remember it from childhood. Two years ago two chocolate workshops were opened in coffee shops in several places in the Czech Republic. Now ORION opens a new place for all chocolate lovers.


 “The brand ORION originated in Prague, where it was also manufactured in the last century. Nowadays it is produced in Zora, Olomouc. However, from beginning of April  ORION chocolate will have its presence at Můstek, Prague. It is close to Národní třída, where it was sold in the time of its founder, Mr. Maršner,“ says Lucie Klusáková, the manager of ORION Atelier and adds: “We proudly continue in the tradition  of the original brand ORION. The modern Atelier has features of cubism and is designed based on legendary painting of Zdenek Ryba, the author of the ORION star.“

A confectioner Martin Pokorný will be preparing chocolate base containing 68% cocoa. It will have a balanced yet intense taste. This chocolate was specially designed according to Czech preferences.

“Every visitor will have an opportunity to garnish their own chocolate with nuts, cocoa beans, cranberies, dry raspberries and other seasonal ingredients. The perfect look will be ensured by a luxurious packinging inspired by Zdenek Rykra,“ says Lucie Klusáková.

And it is not all. The chocolate Atelier will be offering other fresh chocolate products: luxurious truffles, playful lollipops or cones full of chocolate pieces. While the customer will be waiting for cooling off and packiging of their bar, they can enjoy hot chocolate with milk or a cup of Nespresso, chocolate muffins or brownies.

The ORION Atelier is also preparing regular workshops. The attendees will learn how to work with chocolate, make truffles or Easter chocolate figurines.

Lenka Bicanová, editorka FFN