The JLV company celebrates its 60th anniversary this years. We keep our positon on the market because of our innovations. Young generation of cooks comes along with modern gasronomy. Therefore we got in touch with Junior team of AKC ČR (Association of Czech cooks and confectioners), whose members are very successful at international competitions,“ said Bohumír Bárta, the JVL general director.


Vojta Petržela and other young cooks prepared a new menu for 2019. Czech Railways will be offering the menu in their restaurant coaches as well as bistrocoaches. Vojta Petržela is the winner of Gastro Junior competition, the winner of KU Young Chef and the worlds champion in creative carving.

“Currently we have 37 restaurant coaches and 20 bistrocoaches in operation in long-distance connections such as for example Berlin – Hamburk, Budapest, Vienna and Ostrava. The menu as well as the service can be compared to good stone restaurants. This is a great advantage we have,“ says Miroslav Kupec, a general director of Czech Railways. He adds,“we offer small refreshment and drinks via a mobile minibar in our other trains. We also installed vending machines in InterPanter units.“

The passengers have already tried many interesting ingredients and tasty combinations on the board of Czech Railways. Ths trend is going to be presented by the Junior team. A good example is a new seasonal soup – carrot cream with ginger, chilli and coconut. This combination of tastes is a reminder of exotic lands. The flagship of the  season will be a veal neck Bourguignon, baked škubánky with bacon, silver onions with vegetabes and field mushrooms. All that will be served with chilled bear.

Lovers of traditional Czech cuisine will be happy to enjoy smoked pork neck with horseradish sauce and bread dumplings. Vegetarians can try spinach lasagne with ricotta cheese and sunflower seeds. And a dessert? Plum butter dumplings with nuts, butter and whipped cream will be a great finish of the menu.

Lenka Bicanová, ediitorka FFN