There are going to be six guided tours in the night taking place on Wednesdays starting on Feb 6th from 5:30 pm. The tour is playful and therefore suitable for children.


 „Night tours were very popular with children last year. Therefore, we have decided to do it again during the Spring break. People appreciate the uniqueness of the experience as well as the information provided by the guide. There are a lot of interesting things to be learned  about night life in the forest,“ says Marie Jarkovská, the director of Tree Top Trail. A complete schedule of night tours can be found on the website of Tree Top Trail (

 „The capacity of the tours is limited therefore we recommend ordering tickets via our on-line e-shop as soon as possible,“ says Zdeněk Pop, the marketing manager of Tree Top Trail Krkonoše.

More than 330 thousand people visited the trail in its first year of existence. It has become one of the most visited place in the northern and eastern Bohemia. It won the competition DestinaCZe 2018 as the most popular tourist place in the Czech Republic. The competition was organised by Czech Tourism. The trail has a unique underground cave with educational exposition. The guided tour takes its visitors from the underground to the height of 43 meters. The trail is wheelchair accessible.

Lenka Bicanová, editorka FFN

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