Cream calls for bubbles
If you celebrate a birthday or anniversary, you will need some bubbles either in a form of currently popular Prosecco or champagne. Choose the best one you can find! One option is Italian Prosecco Mionetto or Mionetto Rosé. If you prefer champagne, Bohemia Sekt La Fleur will be an excellent choice. In case you want to enjoy a passionate evening, try cavě Freixenet from a hot Spain. Any cream desserts, mousse or  soufflé go well with bubbly wines. Prosecco forms a perfect harmony with its Italian brother tiramisu as well as ice-cream or sorbet.


Fruit tastes best with white wine
If you like créme brûlée or panna cotta, you might want to enjoy it with sweet white wine or ice or straw wine. Aromatic white wine such as for example Sauvignon, Riesling or Muskat Moravsky are a perfect match for any kind of fruit salad, especially melon.

There´s never enough sweets
If you are a fan of sweet pies or cakes, you must try them with sweet wine. Wine and dessert create an excellent harmonizing combination. „Wine should be actually sweeter than a cake itself. Otherwise it will seem sour and pale,“ says David Král, a sommelier of BOHEMIA SEKT. Ice or straw wine goes well with fruit and nut cakes.

The battle with chocolate
Chocolate cakes are many people´s favourite dessert. However, chocolate is very intense for our taste buds, therefore it should be combined with strong red wine. Good quality port is recommended. Another choice could be dessert wine with noble rot. On the other hand, white wine is never to be served with chocolate.

Traditional Czech dishes with wine.
If you are a strudel lover, pair it with white wines with muskat aroma. If pancakes are your choice, combine them with white wine with higher amount of residue sugar or sweet sparkling wine.

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