Most resolutions don´t work. Give yourself one goal or a task any time during the year. New Year´s Resolutions definitely don´t contribute to a healthy self-esteem. „There is no product, no miraculous pill, which would make us happier and more beautiful. A healthy self-esteem starts with realizing that you are beautiful the way you are. You deserve to give yourself as much love as you give to others,“ explains the psychologist Mgr.Mária Tóthová Šimčáková from the Project of  Self-esteem Dove. To do so is of course not so easy. Let´s remind ourselves of a few rules which can nourish our soul and therefore help us with gaining healthy self confidence.


         1.  Play with the idea of celebrating your own body.  The body works for you! Give it a reward every week in the form of visiting a beautician or getting a massage. 

              Don´t forget, you will not get another body than the one you have!

  1. Love yourself the way you are. How can you do that? Appreciate your body for everything it has achieved. Your body has lived, worked, done sports, delivered and brought up children. Does it not seem enough to you? It is normal for the body to change with age. In addition, every body is built diffeently. Do not therefore compare yourself to your neighbour. How about writing something positive about your body on the mirror and say it out loud every morning?
  1. Words can have a tremendous impact on how you feel about yourself. If you constantly complain about what you look like, you are strengthening the idea that only one type of body is beautiful. Change this stereotype by not focusing on weight and appearance in your conversations. Even the positive compliments can draw attention to certain stereotypes. If you tell your friend that she looks good and then ask her if she has lost weight you are strenghtening the opinion, that only slim is beautiful.
  1. Reevaluate your own ideas of beauty. Be aware, that the perfect pictures of women in magazines and social media are the result of sophisticated make-up, light and digital adjustments. A lot has been written about this. You can google some articles on the topic of „photos before and after adjustments“.
  1. Work on the healthy self-esteem in the circle of your influence, especially with your daughters. Teach them to recognize the real values. Show them the right attitude to sport and nutrition.

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