One of the new dishes is a combination of baked marrow bone with parmasan crumbs and smoked beef tongue with pickled challot served with a toast. Baked marrow on a toast was a popular delicacy of the first republic , which was served in best restaurants.


The chef David Kalina owns a collection of old cookery books from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.  When reading he was surprised by the variety of  ingredients, which were commonly used during that time . They included parmasan, truffles and anchovies. In Tiskárna he has cooked over one hundred of these dishes. No other restaurant in Prague has such experience with this kind of cuisine.

On a new menu there is going to appear salpicon royale from veal and neck sweetbread with Madeira wine and parmasan. David Kalina discovered this dish in a not very well known book by Božena Mašínová Suďte, až okusíte (Jugde after you try). Anoher speciality is going to be slowly stewed beef cheeks served with bacon, brussel sprouts and parsnip purèe. And we can´t forget to mention a fantastic pear pie served as a dessert.

Tiskárna also puts a great emphasis on a selection of their wines. They recommend Riesling from Mělník to go with marrow bone, Chardonnay from Lednice with catfish and beautiful Zweigeltrebe from Mádl with beef cheeks.

Lenka Bicanová, editor