Drinking water is a suitable way to hydrate. When we sweat a lot, we need to drink water with optimal amount of minerals. How much water we need is greatly influenced by our environment, by activities we perform as well as humidity which affects how much water evaporates from our body and lungs. Optimal air humidity is between 50 a 60 %. However, in heated rooms the usual humidity is between 20–25 %. The body evaporates much more water than normal in such environment,“ explains the nutritional therapist Mgr. Tamara Starnovská, the chairwoman of the Resort of nutritional care.If you perform physical activities or speak for a longer period of time in a dry room (for example teachers), the need of hydration increases (in case of speakers up to 2 liters per approximately eight hours).


Daily intake of fluids should be in balance. The easiest indicator of this balance is the colour of urine. If the body is well hydrated the urine is clear and light yellow. If it has deep yellow colour, it is a sign of dehydration. The body´s main source of fluids is what we drink and eat. “When we lose water (by sweating, through urine and stool) we also lose minerals. Therefore it is crucial to supplement them. Mildly mineralized water  with low sodium content is suitable for daily drinking. Magnesium, calcium and potassium contained in mineral water are especially profitable,“ recommends Mgr. Starnovská.

The right hydration is essential for good physical performance. When we lose 1 % of body weight of fluids, the performance starts decreasing. People lose focus, concentration and motivation. Spasms occur. If the decrease drops even further, performance decreases by up to 20%. There is a danger of overheating, collaps and shock. “In winter we do not have a need to drink despite the fact that we lose fluids. Our muscles produce heat, we breathe more when we do sport for example, which means further loss of water,“ points out the nutritional specialist ing. Petr Havlíček.

The choreographer and dancer Marek Zelinka has much experience with sport specifically dancing. What role does drinking play in his life? „I got much advice during my dancing career concerning nutrion and drinking habits but I did not take it to heart. However, I learned what my body needs to feel good. I found out that the more I drink, the better I feel. In other words water helps me, I feel fresh. I drink quite a lot, especially when training,“ says Marek Zelinka.

Lenka Bicanová