Why before Christmas? Christmas time was always a meeting time at the Werich´s family. The pantry was overflowing with food and something was permanently cooking on the stove. Last December you had an opportunity to see an exposition  Times with the Werich´s family! and this year you can have a taste of  What did the Werich´s family cook?.


The book, which was christened by Roman Vaněk from the Prague´s Coulinary Institute, is as extraordinary as its main character Jan Werich.

You are going to discover  Jan´s twenty most favourite meals prepared by a family friend and a housekeeper Eva Tůmová. There are also twenty unique photos by Pavel Vácha taken mostly in Werich´s villa at Kampa from 1968 to 1974.

“We are very lucky here in Werich´s villa to have compiled the work and memories of two Werich´s close friends Eva Tůmová and Pavel Vácha and look literally under the lid,“ says the speaker of Werich´s villa Jana Ripplová.

The limited edition was prepared for real gourmets. It includes an original picture with a signature of Pavel Vácha, a magnetic bottle opener and a pastry brush. It can be exclusively bought only in Werich´s villa.

What did the famous say about Jan Werich
It is a wonderful feeling to sit down at one table with the legendary Jan Werich and taste and smell meals which he loved so much. You my friends can cook them too! Roman Vaněk, the Prague´s Coulinary Institute

When Jan Werich was on a strict diet later in his life and he was offered something unhealthy at the table, his wife Zdenička said: “My husband says thank you. He won´t !“ And he replied: “You see, I have people for everything. “ He loved beautiful books about food.
Yvetta Simonová

Lenka Bicanová, editor