Key features of the application:


No minimal volume of the order. Customers can order just soup if they want to. Prices are set by Uber partners according to their menu. A fee in the amount of 49 CZK  is charged on the top of the price of the meal (regardless how big or small the order is)

Planning of the meals. The applicatin enables its users to plan  orders ahead. They can order from one hour to one week in advance.

Tracking of the meal. The customer knows exactly what is happening with the order in real time from preparation to pick up to delivery.

Customized recommendation.The application Uber Eats offers what clients want. It picks up data based on the realised orders, It can therefore predict what the individual users want on Friday evening or Monday morning.

Filter. The application offers search by specific criteria such as how fast a meal can be delivered, its price and dietary limitations. It is possible to find only vegetarian restaurants or restaurants which deliver within 25 minutes.

The best from Prague.Uber Eats has a five-star evaluation system. The meals are evaluated by customers.

Place of delivery. Whether you are at home, in your office or with the family in a park, the order will be delivered according to your specifications.

Ordering from a car. It is possible to open Uber Eats during a ride with Uber. A meal will arrive at your destination at the same time as you.

Lenka Bicanová, editor FFN