It provides safety, comfort and saving of energy costs. Some of the main benefits of the Cockpit system are wireless solution and fast installation in a household with no need for its adjustments. The communication between the individual Cockpit modules is wireless. It is connected to the wiring of the household. The modules communicate via the Z-Wave network which is designed specifically for smart home technologies and is securely encrypted. All over the world specific frequencies (EU - 868.42 MHz) are reserved for Z-Wave. Therefore it is not disturbed by common wireless nets such as LTE, WiFi, etc. It operates with up to 200 devices via gateway.


Cockpit enables individual solutions and customised setting
Thanks to countless possible settings, Cockpit can control any electrical device. One application can control more than one property. Its safety system provides intelligent solutions against external disruptions. In case of disruption, the Cockpit sets off a light and sound alarm. At the same time, it informs the owner about the specific place of disruption by a stranger.
In addition, it sets off a camera to monitor the object. The owner can immediately evaluate the situation and choose the appropriate measures. There are no paid automatic intervantion by security agencies needed. You don´t pay any monthly fee for the alarm. The camera recordings can be viewed retrospectively as well.
If there is a water leak in the house, the Cockpit´s water leakage system detects it and automatically closes the main water switch. It prevents flooding of the household.

Cockpit takes care of the safety of the household and its inhabitants
You can control appliances or check if the doors, windows and gates are closed. It also provides greater safety for children or seniors who are at home alone. You can check the situation in case you can´t get hold of your children or the eldelrly by the phone. The automatization of your home saves your time .

The Cockpit system synchronizes and sets up appliances, lights, heating and air- conditioning
It does so depending on the season, current family situation and needs of the individuals. The handicapped can also make their life easier with the Cockpit automatization.
Cockpit respects your health and increases the quality of your sleep. It switches the appliances and devises to the stand-by mode for the night and thus eliminates the harmful electrosmog. Everything is switched on again at the required time. The lights can be controlled by movement sensors. You move comfortably and safely in your flat or house; for example at night when you ned to use the toilet.
Cockpit eliminates worries with the upkeep of your garden and swimming pool. Cockpit continuously evaluates the weather station data. It doesn´t water the garden before the rain and during the rain. It also protects you against bad weather. If the storm is coming, it sets off the outside blinds and pulls a swimming pool cover. Manual control is also possible.
More properties can be control by one Cockpit application. You can therefore secure your cottage as well as switch the heating on before your coming.

Energy saving is a hot topic for every household
You can save up to 25% of energy costs with Cockpit. Intelligent control of garden watering decreases water consumption. Cocpit is compatible with other technologies and devices  IoT (Internet of Things). The application is free for the platform iOS and Android. The installation costs in your household begin at 19 900,- Kč. Cockpit is therefore a very affordable solution with a quick financial return. The Cockpit system is distributed by Bruno Paul a.s.

Lenka Bicanová, the editors FFN